Information flow management project

Data structures

About project adaline

Management model

Creation of tasksk, control of implementation

The system allows you to create tasks and monitor their implementation. Help mode for automated task execution. Strict categorization and indexing processes.

Information flow management based on the adaptive linear neuron model, expert systems, mathematical prediction models, computational models based on a hypothetical state machine. Determination of limiting boundary states, depth of overlap,
determination of the conditions of flexibility of the boundary layers of logic modules.

   The ADALINE project is being developed for the tasks of integration into the enterprise's automated enterprise management system with the aim of consolidating and normalizing the information flows of the systems being operated. ADALINA does not change the functionality of existing systems, but expands it and organizes access to consolidated tasks.
   The system core works autonomously in the service mode and provides constant scanning of information flows. Based
   Adapted to specific tasks of algorithms, a search for potential failures and disruptions in the operation of all enterprise's automated enterprise management systems occurs. Identified failures can be eliminated automatically by artificial intelligence algorithms or automated with the help of an operator. The operator is provided with tools and templates for correcting the detected faulty elements, as well as interactive assistance.
    Modules of flexible reporting and dynamic analytics are used.
   All ADALINA modules are multiplatform and operate under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X family of operating systems.  Some modules are designed for Android OS.


Construction of situational flexible interactive logical structures.
Optimization, typing, routing, approximation and integration of information flows.
Prediction and search for potential errors.